Casting on all the things and LOLs

I moved recently and I am still sorting out my stuff. Some stuff, I know exactly where it is. Other stuff, not so much.

For instance, I have 2 sets of socks on the needles and I know where those are. I have a couple of swatches for things started and I know where those are. I know where all my yarn is.

But where is my set of Knitpicks needles? No idea. It has been weeks of no idea. Today, I think I figured out where I stuck them for the move, so hopefully there will be some success there. UPDATE: Found them where I thought they were, and was able to refrain from casting on yet another thing.

Why do I need them? Swatching, more swatching, and casting on all the things. I pulled out some sample yarns to see if I could follow instructions for the butterfly dress. A few rows into the edging, I had a dropped stitch, when means I have to tink back two rows to get back on track. There’s so many yarnovers and double yarnovers, and no resting rows, lol, so I can’t just frog a row with abandon and pick the stitches back up.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a waist-length butterfly dress/tank starting with red yarn, and switching to a darker yarn when that red runs out.

I also want to do a brioche pattern sample to figure out the method, and swatch for a pair of soldier socks. My gauge and penchant for knitting on larger needles has changed over the years, so I’ll probably have to go down a size or two. (That’s another thing I can’t find, my needle gauge. If I ever get my knitting tools and bags sorted back out, it will be a miracle.)

The black rainbow socks are coming along. I have half a foot knit on them and they feel great when I try them on. The Lime & Violet green socks, I have just looked at them and put them back in my purse or in the car for when I’m stuck somewhere.

Today, I pulled up a Knit Girllls episode that cracked me up from the very beginning.

Episode 49:

Leslie: Okay, I’m ready.

Laura: Are you? (I am.) I was born ready.

Leslie: I know. I know you were. I’m always trying to play catch up to you. I’m totally leaving this in as well.

They crack me up!

I have this fantasy that I’m going to go through their list and figure out where I left off listening and watch them all from there. They’re up to episode 347 or something, and I think I left off somewhere in the 300s, just before Leslie moved back to Mississippi. So they’re back to being in the same room when they podcast instead of different states. I’m so happy for them, too.


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