Minor re-evaluation of knitting to-do list

Overall stash management

  1. Cull the stash. There’s some stuff in there I just don’t want to be bothered with any more. It involves packing up some stuff I know I’m never going to use and giving it to someone who will; tossing some stuff; and use-it-or-lose-it on other items.
  2.  Evaluate/toss some of the handspun. Can some of the test spins be used as bits of interest in a larger skein? Some of them are just big enough for me to learn what fibers I have no interest in spinning.
  3. Organize individual knitting needles and give them a dedicated space.
  4. Make a list of spinning braids and fibers I have on hand for days I could be spinning.
  5. Get sturdier tool storage bins. (Bolting together plastic containers, maybe?)

Projects in progress

  1. Lime n Violet small gauge socks, small needles.
  2.   Larger gauge black rainbow socks. Damn I wish I knew what sock yarn this was, because I would buy some more. It is so soft, and slightly thicker than most of the fingering weight in my stash.



Projects to repair

  1. Noro seed stitch cowl. Frog the section in the back where I increased in the black yarn section to make it slightly drapier, which really didn’t help.

Projects to frog and rework

  1. Highlander sweater. I lost interest in doing the math and row-by-row counting to make it top down. Just start from the bottom up instead. I’ll be happier. Also, it will be way easier to use stitch markers on, since my notes weren’t all that great.
  2. Born of Fire scarf. I screwed up and washed it, along with a black ink pen, which kind of muted the pink. I’m kind of bummed. Not only was that a problem, but the pinkish yarn bleeds a lot. Then the black yarn is skinnier than the pink was, so the knitting’s kind of unbalanced there. I want to tighten that up some. I have been waffling on knitting it up anyway so I can check it off the list, and changing out the pink for another pink in my stash that is more kettle-dyed and muted. I hope the green doesn’t run too. It’s a great color.

I don’t think the pink part I hadn’t knitted yet was damaged much. I’d made it past row 100-something, and it looks like about half a ball is left, so I’ll use the unknitted half and unravel whatever I need from the old first half. (I guess blogging does lead to decisions on some stuff. I’ve been thinking about this off and on for about 2 months.)




My knitted items have to be tough to survive living with me. I have felted stuff, ripped stuff, cut ends so short the project started unraveling, and if I’d been a smoker I probably would have set more than one project on fire.

Projects to resurrect

  • East Meets West purse
  • Marcasite Mehndi Shawl
  • Juliet Sweater: I am a size or 3 larger right now than when I first started knitting it. I’ll have to frog what I’ve done. I think I’ll just pull out the Knitting from the Top book and work out a way to make it a mock turtleneck with beads. I love the beading on it. Still the most gorgeous thing ever.



Re-evaluating other hibernating projects

  • King Charles Brocade Cloth: Frog it when I get back to it. That’s just not going to happen.
  • Girls Best Friend Poncho: I don’t think the yarns I picked for it will work out like I thought. Swatch and see.
  • Curlicue Coverlet: Frog and restart.
  • Poinsettia Shawl: Frog and restart.
  • Geology, Tellum, and Brandywine shawls: Pick another yarn and/or restart.
  • Lady Eleanor stole: Did I give the book away or loan it to someone?
  • Tumbling Deco: Figure out the pattern so I can use the beautiful yarn I have for it.
  • Shirley Paden Design: Make a sweater using the Shirley Paden book.
  • Jultomtar Gnome Kit: Again, where’s the pattern? I think it’s saved to my old laptop that died.
  • Light blue washcloths: moved to the frogged section. Won’t be recreating those.

Naturally there are a lot of half-formed plans, wishes, and dreams tied up in all this. Lately, I’m wanting to start something new every day, and it’s happier for me to think about the possibilities than not.


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