Back to stashing down for the new year

Current projects:

Lime & Violet green socks:

The foot and ankle sections are complete. I am going to add a couple of increase stitches to continue up the leg in ribbing. The foot is plain, the ankle section is in waffle stitch.

I was going to continue waffle stitches up the leg but I want to be able to knit these without constantly changing the stitches I am doing, so I have done increases and will begin 3×1 ribbing stitches soon.

I haven’t been knitting much, but I have been working on swatches to test yarns and whether I could actually do a pattern.


Potential sweater:

Knitting an enjoyable big swatch for the Idunn sweater by Linda Marveng. I think I’m using a size 7 needle with bronze metallic yarn. While the yarns not just right for the pattern, I think it would make a nice blingy cardigan on a slightly smaller size needle.

There’s only one row of cable moves to make and the only difference in the cables is the length of rows knit before you do a cable crossing row.

It just looks difficult. I have begun to appreciate easy things that look hard, very much.

Swatch test of Alice Starmore yarn:

I like the Hebridean 2 or 3 ply, and I love the colors. I do worry that I am nowhere near careful enough with my handknits to use non-superwash wool, considering I have ruined more than a few outfits and knitted items over the years accidentally.

I’m going to knit another swatch at the gauge required by the project, but I have to get some needles free.

I loved getting that order in the mail though. Loved it.

In January, my and a few of my friends are going to do six months of cold sheeping. So naturally a spoiled myself with two bundles of yarn in December. I’m going to have to start back knit way more often.

First step: Start knitting first thing early Saturday mornings when no one else is up. I used to enjoy this and maybe that will help me get cranking on some other things.

Second step: Go to more knit nights. Even if I don’t knit the entire time, going gives me a necessary break from other things.


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