About M.E.

This is about me, madonnaearth (on Ravelry), and the crafts I’m working on: knitting, crocheting, spinning, and eventually dyeing. Plus whatever else comes to mind.


2 thoughts on “About M.E.

  1. Hey I’ll bite:) You do lovely work and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the ‘service’ hats such as the Hurricane cap. Lovely!

    Yes ‘service’ is perhaps just another term for ‘charity’. But charity is a term I’ve taken out of my lexicon. It’s just that ~and this is ONLY for myself~the word denotes pity and may categorize those on the receiving end, as exhibiting a lack of effort or ability to care for themselves. As though those who receive are ‘less than’ or incapable. Not true of course. Charity is in reality gift of the heart to one in ‘need’. And in reality, the gift is actually bringing joy and grace to the giver.

    So, back around to YOU:) You do lovely work some of which is in ‘service’ to others.


    • Thanks, Susan!

      I absolutely get what you’re saying about what the word “charity” denotes.

      I am fully on board with what you’ve said about the gift part. That, the idea of helping people who will truly appreciate the warm knits, and seeing how, living in Florida, there’s not much use for warm hats for more than a week or so out of the year. We had a cold snap this week though, so you better believe I was wearing one today! lol

      As far as more hurricane hats I think I will add more rows to their 18. It seems just that little bit short that directs the wind right into your ear.

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