Forest path stole update

I did a few seed stitch test rows to see if I could handle working with the skinny yarn. I found I actually didn’t mind it.

As a travel project however, the ride to North Carolina was way too bumpy for tiny stitches on tiny needles, so the project is back on hold.

I began working on a sport weight yarn pair of socks though. The colors are very encouraging, in a black rainbow sort of way.

I started out increasing to 24 stitches, which was way too many, so I have cut them down to 20. I may have to go down to even fewer. It seems a little too big across the toes.


Working on old things

I have a couple of patterns I was dying for when I first came across them: the Black Olives stole; the Forest Path Stole; and the Butterfly dress or vest.

The yarn for the Forest Path Stole, an almost entirely entrelac project, is some of the oldest yarn in my stash, and it’s still on my must make list. I’m going to test knit on it a little and see if I can handle working with the laceweight I bought for it.


That yarn is a story in itself. It’s a chocolate pink blend and I spent months looking for an equivalent in dark burgundy, dark green and/or cranberry — no luck. So I bought a second skein and my friend Melissa and I overdyed one of them cranberry. It was more like tinted it cranberry, I think. I had such high hopes and an even higher fear of failure that I never actually tested them together. Nothing that freaking lightweight should be so important. lol

If it works well together, I’ll have a whole week to knit on it without a lot of distraction. Here’s hoping

That’s me, staying on point. What I meant to say was I have a pair of plain toeup socks I’m working on currently in Lime n Violet yarn. (I’ll work on those in conjunction with the entrelac.)


That L n V podcast was cra-a-a-zy, and while it blew up in a bad way, I have very fond memories of it, so working with the yarn is kind of a throwback to good times for me. One other skein or so left in another colorway. I’ll probably make a cowl of some sort out of this red/white/blue one.



I have a few goals for 2017

I spent a couple of hours picking colors for the Inara Wrap by Ambah Designs. I had to. The designer’s ads pop up a lot on the Ravelry threads I visit, and the last time I got so I WANT THIS about one of her designs, I decided I’d better knit the first pattern of hers I’d bought before I upped and bought another one. (I’ve been buying a lot of patterns lately.  The most recent ones tend to be ones I can use for stash knitting, so hopefully that will help me use up some of the older yarns I’m not crazy about.)

Since I don’t have a gradient set and no current funds to buy one, for this pattern I got some of my variegated and solid yarns together. Hopefully they’ll work well and complement each other. If not, I’ll go back in and pick all solids.

While I was picking yarns for that one, I also picked yarns for two versions of the Rikaart Cowl. One is a going to be a mix of tweedy yarns; the other is a bunch of worsted solids. I made two or three failed attempts on the solid one. The first time I lost track of where I was in the pattern. The second and third time, I dropped a few stitches and had to start over from the beginning, at which point I put them in time out for a later day. Next time, I will go in with a  pen, a row counter, and a different type of needle. I was using a non -lace Addi turbo, which was a little too blunt to me for this project. A friend of mine may also knit it along with me. Maybe that will get me off to a better start.

I turned the heel and have gotten past the ankles on the rainbow socks. I still have a lot of yarn to use up. I will probably get to at least mid-calf.

I may pull out the Gracious Cowl I knitted a while back but never finished the bind off on. It is a striking, beautiful cowl, and I plan to make another in different colors. I haven’t been able to do a good-looking i-cord bind off, but I will give it another shot.

Current knitting

The main projects I’m working on are the rainbow socks, the Noro cowl, and dragon/phoenix scarf.

I only picked the scarf back up Thursday when I had a day off. I have finished a chart, not completely correct, but I have learned a bad lesson about not being able to fix errors that are more than one or two rows down.

I added some more rows onto the Noro and multi-yarn cowl. Some of it was a gray stash yarn I doubled to kind of match the Noro, and I’m knitting the black silk/wool blend used for some former mitts into it. It’s really soft. When that’s gone, I’m going to use a skein of black Cascade 220 to finish it off.

I’ve turned the heel on the rainbow socks. Because I winged it, they are kind of on the baggy side, on each side of the heel, and one wrinkle on the top of the  and listening to digital books has been a great help keeping me going on them. I’m going to knit as long as I have yarn.

JanPlan brought up on Ravelry

One of the members of a Ravelry group  I’m in posted an announcement about JanPlan, a method where you choose one or two things to focus on or learn in January. I am thinking about sweater making, spinning, and job hunting.

If I make a good start on something in December I’m hoping that will give me impetus for the next year.

I picked up the rainbow socks again. The heel is coming along. I am doing major increases along the center back to have enough stitches for the top of the foot above the ankle. I’m at something like 80 stitches per sock now, which seems ridiculous, bu it’s a very fine yarn.

I think my foot sample may have been a little off, because when I knit the fish lips kiss heel it felt weird on my foot, so I frogged it and have been winging it since. I hope they fit really well and last a long time. I am going to weave extra yarn in the toes and heels to extend their lives once I’m done with the knitting. I guess I will stop at crew length on the legs.

Yarns from Ashley’s destash

Ashley was giving away some stash at Melissa’s knit in yesterday.

I brought home:

1 Opal sock yarn

2 different skeins Lime & Violet sock yarn

1 Noro Kureyon in brown/gray/tan multi

6 skeins Malabrigo worsted, 2 red, 3 burgundy to green, 1 burgundy. single ply

4 skeins Rowan bamboo tape

2 skeins Rowan Tapestry blue/tan/white single ply multi. Looks like self-striping.

2 skeins Blue Sky Alpaca Skinny Dyed cotton, one light green, one dark green


Lime and Violet yarns, Opal yarn: Socks for me

Noro: started a 2×2 seed stitch cowl yesterday at the knit in. 2 knits, 2 purls all the way across, then 2 purls, 2 knits all the way across 48 stitches. Will seam and back with cotton or fabric.

Malabrigo worsted: blanket or lap quilt potential. I am also thinking about the Mad Blood shawl.

Blue Sky and Rowan Tapestry: cowls.

Rowan Bamboo Tape: scarf

Other knitting. Finished a yellow dishcloth. double knitted dragon scarf is on hold for bouts of gaming.

Opal sock label translation (I hope)

Ashley was giving away yarn at Melissa’s knit in. Trying to identify a skein of Opal sock yarn…translating for myself so I can pick the right version on Ravelry, and will be able to translate later skeins without as much work.

I think its a self-striping version. It’s a 4-ply printed yarn and the label is printed on brown paper and has a lot of text all over it. Glad!

Duh. Shortly after I started this post, looked to see if she had it listed in her ravelry stash. Yep.

For the record, it’s the

Language: German

Sock brand: Opal

Version name: ???

Manufacturer: Zwerger Garn. Note: the label says ZwergerGarn repeatedly with a space between each grouping. The label is printed on brown paper.