Dudes, our Knit Night is awesome!

Even though Melissa’s business was shut down (my bad, not shut down, just moving due to zoning issues –see blog comment below), I have to say meeting at Starbucks was cool. My biggest problem there will be staying away from the food counter.

I had a marshmallow treat and a mocha frappuccino…I’m not even going to wonder how many calories that is. Let’s just go with a lot!

I have four rows left to go on the base of the crochet rug before I can start the tufting part. So far so good. Now if only I could crochet, count stitches and talk at the same time, it would be going gangbusters!


One thought on “Dudes, our Knit Night is awesome!

  1. Technicality: we weren’t shut down – just told we can’t work in that location. We’ll find another and move on. :)

    I had a blast – can’t wait to do it again!!!!


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